What Kind Of Client Are You When It Comes To Hiring Custom Writing Services?

Have you ever been dropped as a client by a writer and you have no idea what happened? You thought that things were working out great but the writer disappeared into thin air after working for you for some time. Maybe things aren’t going as great as you think.

Here is a behind the scene perspective about how writers view clients. Knowing the kind of customer you are when it comes to hiring custom writing services will help you know some of the things you get wrong and how to boost your interaction with your writer, to help you get the most from them.

1) The clueless client – They have no idea what they want but they want it. They don’t know much about SEO or article writing and may even end up requesting for coaching services from the writer.

Solution: Define what you want before you contact the writer. Outline the specific tasks you want the writer to complete. Explain what your end expectations are. It is okay to ask for advice if you are not sure about various details but you must at least have a starting point.

2) The know it all client– They usually start by telling you that they know all there is to writing and they could have done the project themselves, if they had the time. They will nit pick and be overbearing throughout the project and not give the writer ample space to complete the project.

Solution: If you assign a writer a project, give them space and time to complete the project and highlight any arising issues after the project has been completed. Don’t be overly fussy as it is frustrating to writers.

3) The more is to come client – They want writers to charge them a lot less than the writer would for an initial project, with the promise that the writer will get more work in future. From my experience, this usually doesn’t end very well for the writer because the client will keep asking for price reductions with the excuse that they are making bulk orders.

Solution: Don’t get me wrong, most writers are willing to give discounts, especially if you make a bulk order but be realistic about the prices you are asking for. The writer is also trying to make a living.

4) The I want it now client – They make an order of 100 articles and they want it all done now. I understand that your project is urgent but provide a realistic time-frame. Writers are human beings not magicians.

Solution: Writing is hard work, despite what most people think. It takes time to research and come up with a good article. Consult the writer and ask them what the most realistic time-frame for completing project is. Keep in mind that yours is not the only project and the writer may also have other projects that they are already working on.

5) The Non-Paying client – They are always late when it comes to payment and when they pay, they pay you just enough to continue stringing you along, with promises that they will clear the balance soon.

Solution: Respect the writer and honor your invoices as agreed. There is nothing as demotivating as doing a great job for a client then having your paycheck consistently delayed.

6) The demanding client – These clients normally have the most ridiculous demands. They will request for endless revisions, 24 hour availability, send endless emails, have a huge backlog of work yet they only want to pay a penny a word. After all that, they give you a negative review or reject your work without giving any reasons.

Solution: Stop treating your writer as a slave. Realize that most writers will only offer a limited number of revisions. Make your instructions clear right from the start to avoid misunderstandings with the writer. Have realistic expectations.

7) The conman – They give you a lot of work and offer high pay only to disappear after you have completed and submitted the project. Unfortunately, a lot of online writers have been conned this way.

Solution: To avoid this situation, a lot of online writers request for upfront payment. If the amount charged is not too much, you will be expected to make the payment in full before the project is worked on. If the amount involved is large ($ 1, 000 or more) you can agree to pay in installments as the project progresses.

8) The MIA client – They assign a project and then go Missing In Action for days or weeks. They don’t respond to emails or calls and leave the writer stranded about what to do.

Solution: Regular communication is important if you want good end results. Respond to messages and calls as soon as you can.

The truth of the matter is that writing is hard work and it comes with its own set of challenges. When a writer classifies you as being hard to work with, most of them will stop working with you, especially if they are unable to deal with the situation. The writer may never tell you why they no longer want to work with you but at least now you know why.

Ever been dropped as a client when hiring custom writing services?

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