8 Top Places to Find and Hire a Freelance Writer for your Website

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I hire freelance writers online?” Well, here are some of the top places where you can find freelance writers.

1) Social media

Most freelance writers hang out on social sites such as:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

A simple search on social media sites using a keyword such as “ freelance writer” or “website content writer” can help you find some good freelancers. Remember to put the keyword in quotes so as to get the exact results you are looking for. You can also advertise on the various groups for free on the social sites. For example, there are many writer groups on LinkedIn and Fan pages for writers on Facebook. You can email (inbox) any writers you are interested in directly or use the group boards to post your writing offer.

2) Forums

Check out forums where writers hang out or advertise their writing services. Some of the most popular forums include:

Warrior Forum

Digital Point Forum

Wicked Fire

(WAHM)Work at Home Mothers Forum

You can check out the Buy/sell threads or freelancers for hire threads in the forums as some writers post their writing services there. Alternatively, you can start your own thread stating what kind of writer you are looking for and include other relevant details. When writers reply to your thread, review their skills and choose the most suitable one.

3) Freelance Writer Job boards

Freelance writers for hire normally frequent job boards when they are looking for work. Contact the admin of the website and they will post your ad. While most websites will post your ad for free you will have to pay a given fee to advertise on other boards such as Problogger job board. If you are looking for local writers then it will be more helpful if you posted on regular job sites that specifically targets the region or country you are in.

Other places to post your advert includes Craiglist and eBay. The advantage of using job boards is that you will have access to a pool of many interested writers.

4) Freelance Writer Bidding Sites/freelance outsourcing sites

There are many bidding sites where freelance writers for hire bid for writing assignments. You will simply be required to register on the site, post your project requirements, set your budget and then wait for freelance writers to bid. If you decide to use this route, you will need to carefully select the most suitable contractor. Remember that the cheapest contractor will not always provide you with the best value. Hire a writer with a proven reputation though you can take the risk of hiring a newbie as there are many good writers who have never been assigned a gig before.

Some of the most popular bidding sites include.

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru.com

5) Blogs

Bloggers make great freelance writers. The best thing about hiring a blogger is that they have a proven track and you will be able to assess if their writing style suits your needs. Some bloggers will include a ‘Hire Me’ page offering their writing services while other bloggers may not even be interested in writing for someone else. If you find a blog whose writing style you like it won’t hurt to contact the owner and inquire if they are available for hire.

6) Networking

Contact some writers or editors you know and trust and request them for a referral. Chances are that they know someone who specializes in the specific type of writing you want done.

7) Individual Writer Websites

There are many individual writers who have set up their own websites and are available for hire. Most of them may specialize in a particular niche or provide a wide variety of writing services. Review the writer’s portfolio to see if their writing and pricing meets your expectations. Do a Google search to find such websites.

8)Article Writing Service Companies

There are many companies that provide article writing services to website owners. The major advantage of such companies is that they can be able to handle a lot of writing projects since they have a team of trained and experienced writers at their disposal. They also offer a wide range of writing services.

Well, if you have ever asked yourself, “Where can I hire freelance writers online?” I hope you have the answer now.

Where else can you find freelance writers for hire?

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