Step By Step Guide On How To Find and Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Website

hire a freelance writer

Hiring writers can be a headache and an overwhelming process for most website owners. Before you place your writers wanted ad, read our guidelines on how to go about hiring a freelance writer and increase your chances of finding the right person for the job.

1)Establish what you want the writer to do for you

Come up with a job description for the writer. Describe exactly what you want them to do for you. This will help the writer know what you expect from them and the writer will also know what to expect from you. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • – What will the writer write?
  • – Will they have to source for images too to accompany the articles?
  • – Will they have to do all the research or will you provide research materials?
  • – Will the writer post the articles on your site or will you post them?
  • – Will they be involved in deciding what to write or will you assign the work?

2)Come up with a budget

Determine how much you can afford to pay the writer. Writer rates vary. You can find writers who are willing to write for $0.004 per word to writers who charge $ 1 per word, depending on what you want done and the writer’s level of experience. I will write a blog post later on how to decide on how much to pay your writer.

You should decide on when to pay the writer. Most writers will require that you pay all the fees upfront before they start working on your order. This is mostly the case for small writing projects. For large writing projects (projects that cost $ 1000 and over) the writer will require you to make a down payment, which can be as much as 50% of the total cost, and make the rest of the payments based on your agreement as the project progresses. The reason why writers require an upfront fee is due to the high number of clients who scam them into writing articles and then fail to pay the writer when the articles have been delivered to them.

Consider using an escrow system to protect your interests as well the freelancer’s. An escrow gives you the option of holding the writer’s pay in escrow until they have delivered the completed project to you. On the other hand, an escrow also protects the freelance writer by guaranteeing them that they will receive payment after they have completed a project. Some sites that provide escrows for freelance writers includes Upwork and

How you will make payments is an important consideration. Most online writers can accept payment through PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Payoneer and Payza. Be flexible when it comes to payment options as different payment methods work best for different writers, based largely on where in the world the freelance writer is situated.

3)Place a writers wanted ad

Place your writers ad in the right forum so that it can get maximum exposure. Read my post on 8 Places to Find and Hire a Freelance Writer for your Website to know some of the places where you can place your ad.

Include as much details as possible in your ad to increase chances of qualified writers applying. I have seen many writer wanted adverts where the employer simply posted a 1 word sentence stating that they wanted writers. Professional writers want to know the details of the job before they apply. Some of the key details to include in your writer wanted ads are:

  • – Job description- The more detailed the better
  • – Your rates-How much are you willing to pay for the services?
  • – Type of job: Is it a part time or full time job?
  • – Qualifications: Outline the qualifications the writer should have. This can be academic qualifications or simply work requirements like a computer and regular Internet connection
  • – The time frame within which interested writers should send applications.

After you have selected a freelance writer, by all means remove the ad or inform the other writers that you have already picked someone so that they do not continue sending their applications.

Be courteous enough to respond to any questions or comments made by interested writers. All too often employers post writer wanted ads on job boards and then go mute no matter how many writers respond or ask question in regards to the ad.

4)Choosing the right writer

Review the applications received and the qualifications of the writers. Shortlist the applicants. Try and find someone who closely matches what you are looking for. By all means review the writer’s portfolio. This can be any attachments they have sent or links they have included in their application.

Request the writer to write a sample article based on a given set of guidelines. Most professional writers will be reluctant to provide free samples due to the fact that a lot of clients request for free samples with the promise of a job then ‘disappear’ after the sample has been delivered to them. That is why I would recommend that you pay for the sample. If you are not sure on whether to hire the writer or not, assign them small projects as you evaluate them. If you are completely satisfied with their quality of work and how they handle themselves then you can sign a contract with them and hire them for long term work.

5)Managing the writer

Do not micromanage your writer. Once you have provided them with all the information required give them the freedom to do the job. Some essential details you should provide your writer with includes:

  • Project description
  • Any topics or keywords to write about
  • Deadline
  • Which communication channel to use to reach you

Have you ever hired a freelance writer before? How did you go about it?

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