11 Questions You Must Ask An Online Copywriter Before You Hire Them

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It takes a lot of time and effort to find and hire a copywriter so it is important that you get it right the first time around. Before you hire an online copywriter you must ask them the right questions to help you weed out bad freelancers and ensure that you have picked the right person for the job.

Here are some of the top questions that you should ask a freelance writer that you intend to hire.

1) What kind of audience do you like to write for?

This will help you know the writing style the online copywriter is comfortable with. Some of the common writing styles includes lighthearted, humorous, objective and balanced. It is advisable to find someone who will easily adapt to the kind of style you want. It takes experience to hone a particular style so you are better off finding someone who is already good at what you want.

2) What is your article writing process?

A professional online copywriter will be able to describe to you the article writing process from the time you make an order to the time the completed order is delivered to you. Understanding how their writing process works will protect you from a lot of anxiety on how your project is progressing.

3) What are your working hours?

Knowing the writer’s working hours will help you to coordinate your schedules. Different writers have different schedules based on their workload at any particular time. A part time writer, who has another full time job, may not be available to you as much as a full time freelance writer.

While some article writing services are open 24/7, a freelance online copywriter will only be able to work a certain number of hours during different days of the week. Knowing when the writer is open for business will prevent you from getting disappointed when you place an order over the weekend only to realize that the writer does not work on weekends. If you hire a writer from a different country you should realize that they will have public holidays which do not coincide with those in your country. There are also timezone differences so you have to be conscious of this when setting your deadlines.

4)What is your turn around time?

This is a very important question when you want to place an urgent order. By knowing the turn around time you will know when to expect your orders to be completed. Basically, the turn around time will depend largely on the workload of the writer at the time.

5)Who will be working on my project?

While some online copywriters will work on the project assigned to them, busy writers will outsource the work to another person. If you only want a specific writer to work on your project then insist on it. However, if you are flexible and trust that the person will outsource the project to someone else who will do a good job then you do not need to worry. Most copywriters will not run the risk of loosing their clients by outsourcing their projects to shoddy writers.

6)What is your revision policy and what is the revision cycle?

Know whether you will be charged extra for any revisions you request or the initial price also covers the cost of revision. You should also know how long it takes for revisions to be done.

7)What kind of content do you produce?

Online content writers specialize in creating different kinds of content. There are those who are comfortable producing blog posts, website content, white papers, press releases, newsletters, landing papers or ebooks. You need to ascertain that the writer can produce the specific kind of content that you want. Reviewing samples of the writers work will confirm the kind of content they are good at creating.

8)How should I communicate with you?

Different writers prefer different communication channels. Some writers may want a face to face meeting with clients while others are okay with regular email communication or using a chat service. Just ensure that the communication channel is direct and you can easily access the copywriter when you want to so as to avoid any communication breakdowns.

9)How will the completed project be delivered?

While some writers will email the completed project to you, others may prefer to have you log into their writing system and download the completed order. You can specify the file type that the order should be delivered, for example, Word document, Rich Text, Excel Spreadsheet or PDF. Make sure that the delivery method used is convenient for you.

10)Do you offer any other service?

Most copywriters have other skills apart from writing, which they may not tell you about, if you do not ask. For instance, a copywriter can be able to start and manage an entire email campaign, design graphics, SEO your site or develop a marketing strategy for your website.

11) Can I hire you again?

If you are happy with the performance of the online copywriter you have hired and you have other writing projects you can ask them if they are available to take on other writing assignment.

What other questions can you ask an online copywriter?

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